Odds are there are a lot of thoughts, ideas, and feelings swarming around in your head right about now…

That’s a good thing! It means you are leaning in and truly experiencing the moment!

Let’s add some context to what you are experiencing now by introducing you to myself, my mission, and my vision.

I am Jessa Grace – Business Consultant to the collective innovators of our time.

I am here to serve you as a spiritually wealthy person to be a wealthy, spiritual person.

My path to enlightenment has been an origami experience… as if folding the time and space paradigm between prolifically spiritual and spiritually prolific – to be one in the same.

As a life-long entrepreneur, mother of 2, former international model, prolific world traveler, and successful large scale media/marketing/strategy innovator for more than a decade –  I have learned a lot about myself, the way the world turns, and how we ‘work’. There is one central piece that rings true for me, and for my clients – GROWTH is paramount. Without personal, financial, and spiritual growth – we are simply surviving.

As I grow spiritually my intuition and my innovation mold into ONE super power.

Conventionally, I am a ‘business coach’… but my approach…

Is it conventional? No… but what is? Is what you do conventional now? If it is, consider if it was even 20 years ago… what paths are you blazing? How and why?

Your spiritual practice and your worldly purpose are meant to work together. I am here to help. My purpose it to bring us all to a place where our spiritual and material worlds come together in a way that serves the collective so the collective can serve future generations and heal past collective traumas by nurturing both our spirits and our bank accounts.

In this way we are helping each other to experience true freedom, sustainability, connection, and growth… Unconventional much?

HOW do I do this… I’m so glad you asked. My highest ‘paid’ superpower is my ability assimilate for people. To truly see their truth, their light, and their purpose even more clearly than they see it themselves. With you TRUTH we co-create your business based on your own ‘divine design’.

I and my business thrive on my ability to harness my own intuitive genius. I am able to harness my client’s emerging truths, ideas, purposes and opportunities that seem to be just out of their vision.

If you don’t truly feel ‘at home’ with your vision or mission – I am here to help you build that home.

If you feel detached from the ‘how’ yet overly attached to the ‘why’ – I am here to help.

If you have a transcendent mission yet struggle to create the transformation for your business the way you do for your people’s lives, I am here to help.

If you feel so strongly about your work that it sometimes isolates you from your own fulfillment and the people you should be engaging with, I am here to help.

If you feel overly sensitive and stressed to the point that you simply ‘can’t DO’ right now, I’m here to help.

Let’s connect you  you to your spiritual AND professional self – yes they can and should co-exist.

Your spiritual practice and your worldly purpose are meant to work together. I am here to help.

Get up. Get on your feet. Shake it off. Let’s GO!

Use your innovative, intuitive, creative, and connective powers to move yourself AND your people forward at light speed.

I am here to help.

Does this all give you the urge to ‘move forward’? If so, feel free to brain dump, ask questions, or just say ‘hi’ in the form below.

I will get in touch with you ASAP!

Who do I serve?

This proprietary business model has worked for everyone from Mortgage Banks to Childcare Facilities – Fashion Designers to Holistic Practitioners – Solopreneurs to Large Scale Operations…

If your business is one that strives to do more than ‘make’ or ‘offer’ things, but rather Make Change and Offer Opportunities, this is a Heartfelt approach that will help you to not simply grow a business, but rather create a Culture, Community and Movement around your message and purpose.